Taiyo Petslife Egg Food Crumble 300Gm

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aePetslife Egg Food Crumble 300Gm

Proximate Analysis:

• Crude Protein (min) – 16%

• Crude Fat (min) - 10% 

• Crude Fiber (max) - 5.0%,

• Moisture (max) - 10.0%


• Petslife Egg Food Provides your yellow factor canary with an excellent source of real egg.

• Companion bird food that do not contain real egg can be deficient in the necessary amino acids, methionine and lysine.

• Egg Food is all natural (With added vitamins and minerals) and made with baked whole eggs, whole grain bread crumbs and pure honey.

• In addition, we add Beta- Carotene to assists in maintaining your yellow factor canary’s unique colour.

• Feeding Petslife Egg Food As part of your birds diet will not only add variety but will supplement its dietary intake with vitamin A for immunity, Vitamins B12 & E for cell development, vitamin D for bone and muscular development and Biotin for improving feathering.

• Petslife Egg Food is also enriched with plant based, balanced DHA Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids to promote your birds overall heath. 

More Information
Item Form DRY FOOD
About this item Ingredients: Bakery Products, oils and fats, Cereals, Various Sugars (Honey 1 %), Vegetable Protein extracts, Minerlas, Seed, milk and milk products, Eggs and Egg products (1%), Flavour.
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