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We supply 100% sustainable pet animal products

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Basic hygiene viz. teeth cleaning, ear examination, skin maintenance and paw management.

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We will aid you in getting better benefits that form the insurance plans..

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We have planned for other pet related services which will help pet parents to great extent

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We bring in six interesting aspects while serving your pets, and you will have a great time engaging with us.
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The healthy pet food made from the finest ingredients

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A healthy pet is the one with a healthy gut

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Toys with the latest aesthetics and model as the perfect entertainment

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Committed towards Quality Pet foods made with best Industry Standards

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Giving your pets the happiest life, they can have

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We have more than 1000 products that can be beneficial to your pets. These are some of our products which will solve a specific need for you and aid your pets have a healthier, exuberant and longer life.
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Our products are the best in market and are labelled best in class by many customers like you.
Taiyo Billi Cat Treat Tuna (60gm)
Special Price ₹85.01 Regular Price ₹100.00
Availability: 46
Time left: 2day(s)
Taiyo Vacation Holiday Food
Special Price ₹80.00 Regular Price ₹100.00
Taiyo Bairo Denta Bites (Liver)125gm
Special Price ₹127.50 Regular Price ₹150.00
Taiyo Bairo Denta Bites (Fish & Potato) 125gm
Special Price ₹127.50 Regular Price ₹150.00
Taiyo Turtle Conditioner
Special Price ₹80.00 Regular Price ₹100.00
Venky's Cuddle Puppy 400 gm
Special Price ₹144.00 Regular Price ₹160.00
Pet+Me Blue Brush
Special Price ₹2,699.10 Regular Price ₹2,999.00
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