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BEING SUSTAINABLE has a become a cliched term for most of the firms. But at Augie Pet Store, we practice what we preach.

There are various areas that one can be concerned about and take proper actions that can ensure that the carbon footprint is minimized.

When having pets or taking care of them can enhance the carbon footprint and the reasons range from pet food sourcing to food packaging. At Augie Pet Accessories Shop, we strive to support as much as possible to reduce the impact of these actions.

The two major focus areas that we have is Packaging and Energy Consumption / Usage

1. Packaging

There are various ways in which one can aid these directions. We ensure two critical strategies that enhance the SUSTAINABILITY QUOTIENT viz. a) Usage of non–plastic bags in all the products that we deliver. b) Cartons that we make are from recycled paper.

This causes a huge impact. If you want more details, you can click here to understand further.

2. Energy Management

Just like any other factor that reduces the carbon footprint, using LED lights in offices and stores can create a huge positive impact.

At Augie, we do exactly that. Our offices and Pet Stores are fitted with reduced power requirements for our lights using the latest LED technologies.

We are also evaluating the choices of our fans and ACs that can aid in reducing power consumption as we would like to minimize our fossil fuel consumptions.

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